Security Questions & Family Information

Hello Everyone!

One of my top concerns with centralizing family information on Hobaugh.US is your security. In addition to hiding living members of our family tree from the public, I want to address am inherent security risk that comes along with centralizing family information, security question reliability. Over the past decade, security questions have become a very commonly used way to implement password recovery online and proof of identity over the phone. Continue reading Security Questions & Family Information

New Individual Entry : Cheryl Marie Hobaugh

Note: Part of building up Hobaugh.US’ family tree is adding individual entries when they are found. An individual entry means that that particular person is not directly related to anyone currently on the tree.

Hello Everyone!

Today’s individual entry is for Cheryl Marie Hobaugh. I found her obituary while checking I have used the obituary below to create an individual entry for her and related entries for her family. I invite any and all surviving members of her family to reach out and join us here on Hobaugh.US. Continue reading New Individual Entry : Cheryl Marie Hobaugh